NZ Kids songs album underway

The NZ Kids' songs album has 12 original fun, educational, heartwarming acoustic songs, 6 dance party electronic versions and 3 bonus kids' gospel tracks, 21 songs in total. Ideal for primary aged children 5-8 years although others (even grown up kids) can enjoy them too. I plan to tour primary schools in NZ and perform these songs in concert and have workshops where I work with individual classes teaching them songs and they can accompany on guitars, keyboards, ukulele, recorders, shakers, triangles, clapping rhythms - whatever the skill level and resources available. Then the children can then perform the songs to their own audiences with healthy themes and gain in confidence and exposure to fun group music.

NZ Kids' songs is being mixed and mastered presently at KOG studios in Auckland and I plan to release it like this:

CD with lyrics in a booklet style for $25

USB with 21 songs, lyric and chordsheets, powerpoint styled display for children to join in the songs for $30 great for schools.

MP3s at iTunes at $0.99 per song

Due out before Christmas 2015, I plan to start releasing the album over the summer and start entering schools in 2016. A concert is booked on the Interislander on Wed 30 December and the kids songs will feature here.

If you want to pre-order, please fill in your details on the contacts page, arrange payment and I will send you yours before Christmas 2015, what a great present for all the little people in your life!


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