Nicky Moran

Prophetic soaking spiritual music of Gospel themes. Captivating keyboard, heavenly vocal contexts. Nicky prayed "sing to me, sing to us" in track 1 + 6 responsive songs are captured and enhanced with orchestral sounds, groovy accompaniment, a Divine experience

Arrangements enhanced & produced with Maciek Hrybowicz.

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Upcoming Events

A favourite home away from home is the sunny shores of Whitianga. Nicky is visiting, leading worship, sharing her stories and songs to uplift and inspire. Come along and enjoy our time together. Followed by a cuppa, prayer ministry available and albums for sale. Sign up to be a prayer warrior or have occasional newsletter updates to keep informed on the coming NZ tour 2023.

Nicky is leading worship and sharing testimonies and items to build up faith and passion in the Lord. This is one of the itinerant visits within Waikato, BOP and Whanganui before Christmas. Come and get fired up. Bring a friends and check out the albums for sale. Prayer ministry offered. Followed by a cuppa.