New online single out now June 2021

New online single out now June 2021

GONNA TURN single online only out now

The Life redemption album 2019

10 redemption life stories in song from 5 guys and 5 ladies, all former prisoners. Inspiring redemption songs in gospel, country, disco, folk/rock, 80s and reggae flavours. 7 guest vocalists representing the Life songs with Nicky singing the final 3 ladies' Life songs plus 3 bonus tracks.

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The Truth Scripture songs 2019

Uplifting and encouraging Scriptures set to music to grow faith and strengthen our Bible application. Listen, sing along, let them grow in your heart and live out The Truth in your own life. 

Nicky Moran songwriter, keys, vocals. Ben Keddie of Taupo (electric gats). Steve Tofa, Hamilton, Acoustic Guitar, most bass guitar). Maciek Hrybowicz Hamilton NZ (production)


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Emerald soaking CD 2017

1 long yielding prayer, 6 prophetic songs as heavenly downloads. Soak it up.

Emerald CD


CD or USB option

CD 21 acoustic, remix, & bonus gospel songs for KIDS! USB 21 songs, lyrics, chordsheets, colour ins, PPT. GREAT FOR SCHOOLS! 

Everlasting worship &

The Way outreach CDs 2014

Everlasting CD cover

Double or single CD options

Everlasting,a worship album with 10 songs. Tucked inside is seeker friendly The Way.


The Way CD cover

Double or single CD options

The Way has 10 original inspired life songs in folk/rock, country, gospel, soul, techno, etc.

JOY EP 2011

Joy options

JOY EP eclectic mix of 5 original Gospel songs by Nicky Moran. Arranged and produced by Wayne Huirua.


Surrender options

Surrender with Nicky Moran Band1 Pukekohe, NZ. Written during suffering and torment, released after Divine healing.  11 original worship songs plus bonus track Angel cover. 

Nicky Moran Band Live CD&DVD 2008

NMB Live album options


NMB LIVE CD variety concert recorded in Waiuku, South Auckland with a live audience. 10 Songs recorded live + 2 bonus tracks on CD. Features Emma Carr singing her track 'Why?'

NMB LIVE DVD 10 live tracks including kids song "Cows" and features Emma Carr singing her song 'Why?' With testimony and encouragement between each song Nicky is working through faith and singing out her healing journey.

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