The Life album 2019

The Life is 10 redemption life stories written into songs from 5 male and 5 female former prisoners. Inspiring turn around songs with flavours of gospel, country, disco, folk/rock, 80s and reggae flavours. Sung with 7 guest artists appropriate to culture and gender to represent the Life song well. Nicky sings 3 female ex prisoner songs and 3 bonus tracks. Get your CD here or download an mp3  

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The Truth

After 2 years of prayer here arrives uplifting and encouraging Scriptures lyricised with  music to grow faith and strengthen our Bible application. Listen, sing along, let them grow in your heart and live out The Truth in your own life. 

Nicky Moran songwriter, keys, vocals, recording 

Ben Keddie (Taupo NZ, on Electric guitar, occasional bass guitar)

Steve Tofa (Hamilton NZ, Acoustic Guitar, most bass guitar)

Maciek Hrybowicz 'The Mac Guy' (Hamilton NZ, augmenting arrangements, sourcing drums, mixing, mastering, production)


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Emerald soaking

1 long yielding prayer, enter into surrender, victory, and refreshment here. 6 prophetic songs of response captured as heavenly downloads. Soak it up.

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Emerald CD options



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CD 21 acoustic, remix, & bonus gospel songs for KIDS! USB 21 songs, lyrics, chordsheets, colour ins, PPT     GREAT FOR SCHOOLS! 



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Everlasting & The Way

Everlasting CD cover

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 Everlasting is a gospel album with 10 original worship songs. Tucked inside is seeker friendly The Way to enjoy or give away to encourage  someone.  

 THE WAY    

The Way CD cover

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The Way has 10 original inspired life songs about running away remorse, finding identity, love, purpose & release. Styles: folk, rock, country, gospel, soul, techno, orchestral.


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JOY EP is 5 original songs by Nicky Moran - an eclectic mix that carries you away. A great addition to The Way and Everlasting, JOY is a unique Gospel album. Get JOY today.