2 new albums in the pipeline 

The TRUTH album is applied scripture in songs that personalise how to walk a victorious life trusting the Almighty and living out the talk, applying His word. It was inspired and written with a combination of texts using NIV, NLT, NKJV Bible texts and lyricised early in  2018. Demos completed and under final arrangement, awaits recording and release planned by August 2019, God willing.

The LIFE album is a collection of life stories - testimonies - from people who have once walked the prison journey and…

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Spring 2017 NZ Prison Tour was a roaring success! 

Just completed 64 encouraging concerts in NZ prisons with all new material, Nicky is a one woman band using keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and looping to bring her message of Divine love, hope restored and inspiration for ongoing positive change. Singing 1-4 one hour shows per day in 15 men's and 3 women's prisons, all new material for men's and separate ladies shows this season. 

2017 National Prison Tour 21 entry days

Upper North Island leg 8 days

Sun 17 Sept Auckland Womens

Mon 18 Sept…

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NZ Spring Gospel Prison tour 2016 

Fresh 1 month music tour of NZ prisons with all new material, Nicky has just delivered 54 solo Gospel looping concerts with an encouraging message of hope and restoration. With Keyboard, acoustic guitar and looper we had 1-5 concerts per day in each prison.


Upper North Island Leg 

14 Sept Wed Spring Hill 

18 Sept Sun Ngawha, Northland

19 Sept Mon Paremoremo   

20 Sept Tues Paremoremo    

21 Sept Wed ASCF 

22 Sept Thurs ASCF   

Lower North Island Leg  

27 Sept Tues Hawkes Bay  

28 Sept Wed…

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Summary of Lower North Island prison Gospel Tour Jan 2016 

Jan 2016 NZ Solo Gospel Lower NZ Prison Tour

11 prisons 40 concerts, taking the Nord out for spin, looping keys & guitar & vocals with original gospel & classic rock songs:
Thanks to those who encourage & pray for me, my heart is to see hearts softened and changed for Good on the Inside......
10/1 Otago CF @ Milburn
11/1 Invercargill prison
12/1 travel day
13/1 Rolleston prison Chch 
14/1 Chch men's
15/1 Chch women's & Rolleston
16/1 Murchison cafe & pub xtra
17/1 travel day
18/1 Rimutaka (Wgtn men's)

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Following 3rd Prison Gospel Tour 2015 - media coverage 

Following prison tour 3:
Fairfax media videoed one of my live concerts while inside Paremoremo Prison last Friday night and have put a videotaped interview and written full page article about it on stuff.co.nz on 11/10/2015

Behind the bars at Paremoremo 

and Sunday Star Times 11/10/15 ran an article pg A8, apparently also featuring in local Auckland rags Auckland prison working with independent volunteers / Showcasing my national prison concerts.

Also TUNE IN as they invited me to Radio Rhema live on…

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Auckland South Corrections Facility - Wiri 

Day 4 upper NZ prison tour. At newest prison Auckland South corrections facility ASCF (run by Serco) was state of the art only a few months old. A lovely team of reintegration staff treated me like royalty all day, beautiful lunch at prison swanky cafe with lovely chefs in training decked out in lovely white hats & uniforms, turned out to be prisoners doing a barista hospitality course. Sooo yum, they are amazing. 2 shows in different venues, extremely respectful & polite audiences, the most attentive so…

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Northland Corrections Facility - Ngawha 

Day 2 prison tour NZ upper north. So we had 3 shows in Northland corrections facility at Ngawha near Kaikohe. 3 mates from Doubtless bay also volunteered today and were also my roadies helping me get inside & bringing a new guy with them. Such a cool day, youth unit in early morning these young guys can come & go in the show but the hard core audience stayed and 1 boy said he had seen me at Hawkes Bay last tour. Next were 2 concerts in the Wananga bigger groups of around 30+, very warm reception from the…

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Prison Tour Upper North Island 

I've been sent into prisons again to sing and speak of hope, light and goodness even in the darkest of places.

This gospel music prison tour is over 1 week of 5 Auckland and Northland NZ prisons from 26 Sept to 2 Oct 2015. Really looking forward to being with all those beautiful people on the inside. I want to see an increase in favour and forgiveness in their lives and a reason to live with meaning and purposeful lives transformed.This outcome should also benefit our society so those that leave prison…

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Upcoming Events


All NZ prisons

Sun 2 Otago CF
Mon 3 Invercargill
Wed 5 Chch mens
Thu 6 Chch mens am, womens pm
Fri 7 Rolleston
Sun 9 Rimutaka
Mon 10 Arohata am, Rimutaka pm
Wed 12 Manawatu
Thu 13 Whanganui
Fri 14 Whanganui
Sat 15 Tongariro
Sun 16 Hawkes Bay Regional
Tue 18 Waikeria
Wed 19 Waikeria
Sun 23 Northland / Ngawha
Mon 24 Auckland Paremoremo
Tue 25 Auckland Paremoremo
Wed 26 Mt Eden
Thu 27 Spring Hill
Fri 28 ASCF Wiri Mens
Sun 30 MLC Hamilton (public) 7pm
Mon 31 HBC Forensics (private)