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Gospel songs and stories to stir your soul, heal your mind and body and fill you with fire. Come and take hold of the faith music that is groovy Gospel originals and classic rock covers as seen all over NZ in prisons, pubs, churches and community groups. Nicky finishes a NZ tour after lockdowns and iso all over NZ with many groups and individuals impacted along paths less traveled. Her songs leave you with an encounter with God Almighty and some joy in your heart. Dont miss out, bring a friend or why not the whole whanau from home or work. And meet with Jesus in a genuine encounter! This event finishes the SOLO tour off (with a roadie or 2 at each event) and features some Unlocked Gospel songs and other powerful transformative originals to build you up. Also featuring multi- instrumental live looping, acoustic renditions, and high quality Backing Tracks that Nicky sings and plays with. Come and take part.

As part of her 'Unlocked' Community Tour, Nicky will lead worship, playing Gospel songs from her new album 'Unlocked'. Join in Powerful songs of Faith, Prayer, Scripture and Revival. Followed by Ministry and Fellowship. Nicky found her Holy inspiration in her 30's while seriously ill and found her 'true heart voice'. She has since written, composed and released Gospel Albums, 'Unlocked' is now the her 10th, all glory to God. Nicky Moran has played several hundred Gospel shows inside prisons and many of community concerts sharing His love in churches, houses, community groups, Aglows, pubs and cafes. Albums will also be available with Eftpos.

Nicky plays uplifting songs of hope, joy, declaration, victory, faith. This sing along praise / worship event will lift your spirit and encourage you as you press in. No entry fee. Ministry offered afterward. Albums for sale. This venue is confirmed as St Margarets Anglican Church Hall, 3 Waerenga Rd Te Kauwhata. No door charge. An offering is taken up for Aglow Te Kauwhata.

Unlocked variety community Gospel concert with Nicky Moran

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Hope Whangarei Central, 1 Hunt St, Whangarei

Uplifting variety Gospel concert at Whangarei Central Hope Church. Itinerant Gospel singer/songwriter and speaker shares songs of faith and hope to stir you in these trying times... to have a Rock through the storm. Songs include groovy Gospel originals from the new Unlocked album and classic covers as presented in prison and pub ministry to soothe the soul and make you come to life again. Multi instrumental, live looping is features as well as acoustic playing and with hi end realistic backing tracks. Opportunity to sing along and for prayer ministry time for any needs or healing afterwards. No entry fee. Albums for sale. Eftpos available. Koha welcome.

Rescheduled event: Nicky presents the Unlocked album full of life, love, victory, declaration and overcoming. Great for this season. Come and be rejuvenated and hear new encouraging songs. Albums available. Supper and prayer ministry offered. Limited numbers please pre register to Whangarei.Aglow@gmail.com or txt 021 1184507.

Nicky is sharing the Unlocked concert live at DBCC (Doubtless Bay Christian Centre). Uplifting, inspirational faith filled songs that can change your life, soaked in Scripture and prayer they are songs to lift your spirit to great heights and see you as an overcomer, victorious in your life, living by faith if you step up, step in. Nicky is touring NZ churches, pubs, prisons, hospitals, Aglow, private house concerts and some rehabs to prepare the way with repentance and revival songs. Albums for sale. Prayer ministry offered at live event.

Featuring Original contemporary Gospel music. Acoustic and live looping with multi instrumental presentation. Nicky has toured NZ and 6 weeks in the South Island finishing this leg of the tour in Picton. Songs embrace county rock, folk, Gospel styles with passionate piano, acoustic guitar, bass and uke. A fun night not to be missed.

Live music @ Tapawera Hotel, Nicky Moran NZ tour Gospel singer Nicky Moran tours NZ pubs, churches, hospitals, rehabs and house concerts with retro covers and groovy gospel originals. Featuring her 10th original album 'Unlocked' written in 1 lock down and released around others, songs of various styles set to Gospel lyrics. Come for an uplifting, fun and inspirational evening. Live looping, acoustic, songs, beats and backing tracks, something for everyone. Its on 'Steak night' so come eat, drink and take it all in. Let the music touch your soul. See you there!

Rescheduled event: Mellow live music at Moutere Inn NZ's oldest pub. Come and hear some mellow live music with classic covers and groovy gospel originals hosted by NZ's oldest NZ pub, the Moutere Inn. The evening will be filled with acoustic numbers, live looping multi instrumental songs and with really tight backing tracks. Sharing some fun new Unlocked songs from her new album including the 1st Track "Gonna Turn" a sweet bluesy/country song featured at the MLT NZ Songwriter award finals held at Gore, in June 2021. This is singer/songwriter Nicky Moran's 10th gospel album and the start of public events on the South Island leg of her 3 month+ tour of pubs, prisons, community events, rehabs, churches, house concerts and pop up events.

Rescheduled event to Tuesday night: Nicky Moran shares her 10th Gospel album Unlocked in an interactive and inspiring evening of songs, generating hope, confidence and fiery faith. Come and be a part of the action and get Unlocked. This is part of the NZ Unlocked tour from 28 January to mid May, this album was written in lockdown and released in red light. Just what we need right now with a whole lot of fun to drive those blues away! gospel lyrics but many styles of music from dixie flavoured Country to country rock, pop, flamenco, disco, 80s, ballads and epic cinematic orchestral soundscapes.

Resheduled event. Community concert hosted at the Hokitika Boys Brigade Hall (by Greymouth New Life Church). This is an evening of classic covers, gripping original gospel songs and a night of encouragement-plus. Multi-instremental presentation with live looping, keyboard, bass, acoustic guitar, backing tracks and acoustic songs including her 10th Gospel album Unlocked written in lockdown to unlock us all. Something for everyone. Gospel lyrics presented in many musical styles including country, folk, rock, 70s and even disco. Come and be blessed, get some fire in your belly and this could change your life in a season of change. Nicky is touring NZ from 28 Jan to mid May in a faith journey that has lead her into the darkest places including hundreds of concerts behind bars in NZ to release hope and faith to those put away from society. Nicky had a health journey and miraculous healing and has lived to tell the tale in song everywhere she goes.