singing pianist 
one lady band
live looping entertainer 
gospel musician/worship band leader

In 2024 Nicky is setting her sights on the cruise ship industry as a ONE LADY BAND aka One man band with live looping on keys, bass, acoustic guitar and a little ukulele and lots of soaring melodies and harmonies. Mostly singing mainstream covers and a new wider song list with Nicky's trade mark to make every song sound authentic, like she wrote it. She is can also play on the ships as a singing/pianist for a contract (hopefully 4 months) to grow her experience to international. Also later in 2024 Nicky plans to finish writing and undergo the recording process again for her next 2 Gospel albums “Salt” and “Light”. Salt is for outreach and Light is intended to shine brightly for those who walk in the light. 

In 2023 Nicky and her roadies completed 2 nationwide NZ tours: 
January-April ~60 community gigs in pubs, cafes, mental health units, rehabs, churches, Aglow, private shows etc.
October-November 46 prisons shows, and 20 pubs and outreach variety country/rock/gospel events around the country.  

2022 Nicky finished touring NZ South and North spread over the year until June with 76 musical events from pubs, churches, rehabs, mental health units, house concerts, Aglow, community events. From September to December 2022 Nicky is involved in her local worship team at Manifest Love Church Hamilton leading worship or playing drums, bass, acoustic guitar... and sharing worship and testimony at Waikato and surrounding areas to continue the momentum of relationship and testifying about the experience of touring as a Gospel artist. 

"Gonna Turn" her first single from the album featured as finalist in MLT Songwriters Award and NZ Country Music Awards June 2021.

The last albums released in 2021 was Unlocked written, recorded during lockdown and released on 2 tours between heavy restrictions in NZ. The  single "Holy is the Name", was released on the 28th January 2022 to coincide with the start of her NZ tour. Holy is the Name is so catchy and danceable "It makes me want to move as the message kicks in, the disco feel (originally a hip hop beat) and the gospel choir feature is an energy raising praise song. Its my favourite from the album and makes me go from zero to groovy in about 5 seconds flat!"

"Unlocked" album was released 27 August 2021 online and 29 August to 28 November 2021 on CD. This is just after the annual NZ Prison Gospel roadshow, just finished in May 2021 with 54 concerts, 14 jails, directly influencing approx 987 prisoners for positive change. 

Nicky spreads Aroha far and wide on paths less travelled releasing unique folk/rock, country/gospel sounds. Since 2014-2023 with divine inspiration, Nicky has completed ~ 500 outreach prison Gospel shows behind bars. Nicky is supported by a team of faithful souls who pray and encourage her to continue to minister in song in the darkest places, to shine a light of hope- with groovy anointed tunes of course!

Inspirational songs can bring life, hope and encouragement to the hearer. Passionate Gospel singer/songwriter Nicky Moran gets lost in the song, the music, the moment and inspiration flows freely from Above. Soak it up and join in the song! 

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