The Life Album (No 9) features former prisoners' life testimonies transformed into redemption songs.

The Life has been presented live in NZ prisons, touching the hearts and lives of residents and helping bring formative change, healing and salvation.

Released on Community Gospel Tour NZ Spring 2020 and on NZ prison tour 2019 in 60+ prison concerts.

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Nicky Moran is bringing a variety show featuring classic covers and groovy Gospel originals to stoke the fires of faith and soothe your soul. A powerful array of songs from something soft and tender to rocking out those blues to feel alive again! Nicky plays a multi instrumental live looping event. No entry fee. Supper provided. Koha welcome. Prayer ministry option. Albums for sale. Eftpos on site. Nicky tours extensively in NZ prisons, pubs, rehabs, Aglow, churches and reaches out into many different settings and community outreach groups in this season. The NZ prison gospel roadshow is back on coming in Oct/Nov 2023 God willing. New albums are brewing and 2024 looks like a landing pad for new songs while Nicky has her sights set further afield overseas following.

First time in Inglewood Taranaki, Nicky Moran's Unlocked Gospel show is coming to town! Featuring groovy gospel originals from the latest album UNLOCKED -written and released over lockdowns and traffic light restrictions. Also a mix of classic covers to stoke the fires of faith and soothe your soul. Not to be missed. Nicky plays a multi instrumental show with acoustic and live looping renditions plus quality backing tracks from her latest album. No entry fee, koha welcome. Prayer ministry available. Albums for sale. Eftpos on site. Nicky has toured NZ prisons annually since 2015 and now has morphed into pubs, rehabs, churches, Aglows and community outreach groups in this season. Planning to tour abroad and continue prison gospel roadshows as the doors reopen.

Check out Nicky Moran live music on tour Saturday night at the Vic Bar Whanganui. Nicky sings a compelling mix of classic covers in styles of 70s, folk, rock, country, gospel and groovy originals to fire you up or soothe the soul. Touring January to April 2023 throughout this fine land in pubs, rehabs, churches and community groups. Nicky also specialises in prison concerts behind bars to inspire and encourage turning a corner and stepping into a brand new life. Come and hear it for yourself at the Vic. Bring a mate and don't be late, you might not get a seat!