Upcoming Events

Nicky Moran is back in Dargaville leading worship and sharing stories and songs on a nationwide tour of pubs, rehabs, churches and community groups. The tour runs from Jan-April 2023. Nicky also tours prisons and this has been on hold over the covid season. She has her sights set on NZ and Aussie jails to take her uplifting Gospel show...watch this dream unfold in the coming days and years as applications are underway again. Come and experience fresh passion in worship, powerful testimonies and songs to heal, save and deliver.

Nicky is sharing her songs and stories in a concert concert at morning West Auckland Aglow to bless those who come, lift the spirits, strengthen faith, releasing healing and deliverance. This is part of her national tour of Aglows, Churches, Pubs and rehabs to build up the body and stoke fires of faith. NZ tour is from Jan-April 2023 nationwide.

Singing a mix of groovy gospel originals and classic rock covers Nicky Moran brings her national tour to the Evening Aglow meeting at Riverhead Family Church, West Auckland. Come for a lift, a fun evening to laugh, sing and dance if you want and receive fresh hope for a brighter tomorrow. Songs that stoke your fires of faith and soothe your soul. Don't miss out! No door entry charge. Ministry available. Albums for sale. Koha Welcome. Nicky is touring NZ Aglows, Pubs, rehabs and churches from January to April 2023.

Nicky Moran is sharing worship, Gospel songs and stories to uplift the congregation at Belmont Baptist. As part of her national tour of churches, pubs, Aglow and rehabs. Come along and have a fresh touch from the Lord. Receive encouragement and fresh fire to stoke your faith and nourishment for your soul. Something different that can change your life. Don't miss out!

Touring NZ communities from Jan-April 2023, Nicky also ministers in prisons and has her sights set on touring both NZ and Aussie prisons as the doors of opportunity open.