Nicky Moran

Prophetic soaking spiritual music of Gospel themes. Captivating keyboard, heavenly vocal contexts. Nicky prayed "sing to me, sing to us" in track 1 + 6 responsive songs are captured and enhanced with orchestral sounds, groovy accompaniment, a Divine experience

Arrangements enhanced & produced with Maciek Hrybowicz.

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Live music Le Cafe in Picton 2 sets of original Gospel music with Nicky Moran

Le Cafe Picton, 12 – 14 London Quay, Picton

Featuring Original contemporary Gospel music. Acoustic and live looping with multi instrumental presentation. Nicky has toured NZ and 6 weeks in the South Island finishing this leg of the tour in Picton. Songs embrace county rock, folk, Gospel styles with passionate piano, acoustic guitar, bass and uke. A fun night not to be missed.

Live music night at Hotel Tapawera (Tasman) with Nicky Moran on the Unlocked NZ Tour

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Tapawera Hotel, 84 Main Rd, Tapawera, Tasman

Live music @ Tapawera Hotel, Nicky Moran NZ tour Gospel singer Nicky Moran tours NZ pubs, churches, hospitals, rehabs and house concerts with retro covers and groovy gospel originals. Featuring her 10th original album 'Unlocked' written in 1 lock down and released around others, songs of various styles set to Gospel lyrics. Come for an uplifting, fun and inspirational evening. Live looping, acoustic, songs, beats and backing tracks, something for everyone. Its on 'Steak night' so come eat, drink and take it all in. Let the music touch your soul. See you there!

Mellow Live music night with Nicky Moran on the Unlocked Tour

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The Moutere Inn, 1406 Moutere Highway RD2 , Upper Moutere, Tasman

Rescheduled event: Mellow live music at Moutere Inn NZ's oldest pub. Come and hear some mellow live music with classic covers and groovy gospel originals hosted by NZ's oldest NZ pub, the Moutere Inn. The evening will be filled with acoustic numbers, live looping multi instrumental songs and with really tight backing tracks. Sharing some fun new Unlocked songs from her new album including the 1st Track "Gonna Turn" a sweet bluesy/country song featured at the MLT NZ Songwriter award finals held at Gore, in June 2021. This is singer/songwriter Nicky Moran's 10th gospel album and the start of public events on the South Island leg of her 3 month+ tour of pubs, prisons, community events, rehabs, churches, house concerts and pop up events.