Everlasting & The Way album release Summer tour update


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After launching double album Everlasting& The Wayin November 2013 at HamSouth I booked a Lower NZ tour, it was a journey of faith. The albums were well received at just $20 each or $30 for both together. Combo deal includes all my 6 albums for $50+p&p. 

The tour was amazing 22 Dec 13 - 26 Jan 14, my family came for 5 weeks on the road with me while I played 22 gigs/events. With family time too, we went to Rotorua, Wairoa, Gisborne, Levin, Nelson, Hanmer springs, Christchurch, Rolleston, Timaru, Dunedin, Alexandra, Cromwell, Arrowtown, Queenstown, Twizel, Geraldine, Hokitika, Greymouth, Murchison, Picton, Levin again, Palmerston North, Wanganui, Hawera, to the highways & byways, got to see the real NZ and many people showed great appreciation and thanks and extended warm invitations to return.


The 5 Pubs/bars were mostly open and welcoming and I felt comfortable releasing originals and singing covers here. Many people said to focus more on the originals, that they felt they were better than the cover songs I was singing (timeless classics).

The 2 RSAs Nelson & Timaru were a tough crowd with people wanting certain things: more dance music, more or less volume. I’m pleased I went there for experience and other RSAs have invited me for my next trip, Gore and Wanganui RSA.

The 5 churches were a mixture of people - locals and visitors and mixed reception, some told me my songs & stories were inspirational. More albums were sold in church environments than other venues. Made new friends and contacts & supporters. 

The 4 holiday parks Curious people turned out, many stayed, some left. I heard back later that many people could hear the music from their tent, caravan or cabin and enjoyed it there. Many 1 off opportunities to speak to people and encourage them.  

Rolleston Prison 4 shows a captivated audience still wanted to come. Best time on the tour, the Chaplains recommended me to every NZ prison.

Extras along the way Invited to play for an hour at a Dementia care facility in Levin on Dec 29.  Residents & family were visibly touched as I spoke & sang.

Adult daycare in Levin Baptist on 22 Jana warm reception and sharing time with cuppa and interest shown by older folks even though they said “It’s not really our kind of music”.

Shine I am more convinced that I am meant to go to the dark and shine my light there, so I will keep on going.   

Back home and 2014 plans It has taken a while to settle in back home, an emotional time of adjustment. The tour felt like training ground for the ongoing itinerant musician & speaker. 

Mike Walker pastor at HamSouth Baptist plans to commission me with my family on Sunday 16 March to affirm their support of me and send me as an itinerant Gospel musician & speaker.


Working with Terese Marr singer/songwriter from Pukekohe and we are looking to do a duet / joint album this year and tour. Album to be about life themes to be targeting mainstream audiences, we hope to go to pubs & mainstream venues to promote it. 

Working with Sarah Chamberlin itinerant speaker as we join in on each others local events & trips. 

I am quietly recording my long awaited kids album as I have time as a hobby project and keep things fun & interesting with weird sounds and fun songs that bring laughter and have a good moral to the story. Hope to release at end of 2014.

I am currently still part of Fat Chance Band - a classic rock band for hire, we look for opportunities to create a good atmosphere with our live music events. It has been great band training ground. Next gig 8 March Pukemiro charity concert.

Present members are; Andy Ralph (Bass), Dave Krippner (sound) Tony Mace (drums), John Hawken (rhythm guitar), Nicky (keys) & exiting Ben Keddie (lead guitar). We need a new lead guitarist.

I am enthusiastically learning the drums and played for the first time in public this weekend with great encouragement from all. 


Now that NMB are having a break, I have just acquired a Boss RC-300 looping pedal that assists in live stage and recording performance, making it much more interesting and full sound when playing solo, still learning how to use it. Both capturing and entertaining, it helps by allowing lovely harmonies and many instruments sounds to play at one time, hope to master it for live solo stage performances. 

I’m saving for inner ear monitors (looking at Sennheiser brand) found some nice ones rather than a large speaker placed near my head. Will cut down on stage noise and lifting and I hope improve my overall performance, less distraction I hope. 

My songs are very inspired now, coming with full lyric and music as a complete unit when I’m home, and I hope to be able to play impromptu live more confidently. 

Thank you to all who follow my music journey, randomly or regularly. 

Bless you as you stand with me in support.  Nicky Moran 

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