Auckland South Corrections Facility - Wiri

Day 4 upper NZ prison tour. At newest prison Auckland South corrections facility ASCF (run by Serco) was state of the art only a few months old. A lovely team of reintegration staff treated me like royalty all day, beautiful lunch at prison swanky cafe with lovely chefs in training decked out in lovely white hats & uniforms, turned out to be prisoners doing a barista hospitality course. Sooo yum, they are amazing. 2 shows in different venues, extremely respectful & polite audiences, the most attentive so far on tour. Some residents approached me to say they had seen me in Hawkes Bay, Waikeria and several from Rangipo prison. Really great day and hopefully 3 more concerts there tomorrow. I need to be super flexible with random lockdowns, staff training the 'monitors' like Corrections dept auditors and each unit manager can change a decision for more or less concerts each day depending on dynamics. Love the vibe at ASCF prisoners seem settled here. Great day.

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