2 new albums in the pipeline


The TRUTH album is applied scripture in songs helping people live by faith and being strong in their identity and hope. 

The LIFE album is a collection of life stories of people who have finished the prison journey and put it in the past.


Spring 2017 NZ Prison Tour was a roaring success!


Just completed 64 encouraging concerts in NZ prisons with all new material, Nicky is a one woman band using keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and looping to bring her message of Divine love, hope restored and inspiration for ongoing positive change. Singing 1-4 one hour shows per day in 15 men's and 3 women's prisons, all new material for men's and separate ladies shows this season. 


NZ Spring Gospel Prison tour 2016


Really successful spring 2016 NZ prison tour with Gospel flavoured music and great response from prisoners and prison workers.


Summary of Lower North Island prison Gospel Tour Jan 2016


Jan 2016 NZ Solo Gospel Lower NZ Prison Tour well received


Following 3rd Prison Gospel Tour 2015 - media coverage


Following prison tour 3:
Fairfax media videoed one of my live concerts while inside Paremoremo Prison last Friday night and have put a videotaped interview and written full page article about it on stuff.co.nz on 11/10/2015

Behind the bars at Paremoremo video

Julia Prescott, assistant director of Auckland Prison, hopes to apply what she learned about reducing reoffending in Her Majesty's Prison Service in England.

and Sunday Star Times 11/10/15 ran an article pg A8, apparently also featuring in local Auckland rags Auckland prison working with independent volunteers / Showcasing my national prison concerts.

Also TUNE IN as they invited me to Radio Rhema live on air interview Tuesday 13/10 at 11am to discuss my prison concerts with the chaplaincy dept and are requesting my music to play on air, so will take The Way & Everlasting albums with me. Such Favour! Watch this space.


Auckland Prison - paremoremo day 2


Day 7 upper NZ prison gospel tour.

The prison boss lady Julia Prescott was so impressed by my shows having attended 1 already they asked the prison internal mag to write up an article but they turned up with external media Fairfax and Sunday star times with TV video cameras and taped the show with a brief interview between units, in Sunday Star Times11/10/2015 Pg A8 and on Stuff.co.nz

Behind the bars at Paremoremo video

Julia Prescott, assistant director of Auckland Prison, hopes to apply what she learned about reducing reoffending in Her Majesty's Prison Service in England.



Auckland Prison - Paremoremo


Day 6 upper NZ prison tour, known as Pari, Julia Prescott Auckland Prison boss arranged heaps of media coverage on Sunday Start times 11/10/15 Pg A8 full page article, Stuff.co.nz

Behind the bars at Paremoremo video

Julia Prescott, assistant director of Auckland Prison, hopes to apply what she learned about reducing reoffending in Her Majesty's Prison Service in England.



Auckland South Corrections Facility - Wiri


Day 4 upper NZ prison tour.  Love the vibe at ASCF prisoners seem settled here. Great day.


Northland Corrections Facility - Ngawha


Day 2 prison tour NZ upper north. Joined by diehard Northland prison ministry roadies Sue, Brian and Alex, Can't wait to go back, maybe next year.....


Prison Tour Upper North Island


My one week upper North Island gospel music prison tour starts 26 Sept to 2 Oct 2015. Cant wait to see all those beautiful people on the inside. My heart is to sing to bring out the good in people's lives and encourage it to come to the fore, rise and and be the dominant overriding influence and outcome as hope and faith rises up, then behaviour can follow suit. 



NZ Kids songs album underway


The NZ Kids' songs album has 12 original fun, educational, heartwarming acoustic songs, 6 dance party electronic versions and 3 bonus kids' gospel tracks, 21 songs in total. Ideal for primary aged children 5-8 years although others (even grown up kids) can enjoy them too. 

NZ Kids' songs is being mixed and mastered presently, release plan looks like this:

CD with lyrics $25

USB with 21 songs, lyrics, chordsheets, PPT $30.

MP3s at iTunes at $0.99 per song

Due out before Christmas 2015, so if you want to pre-order, please fill in your details on the contacts page, arrange payment and I will send you yours before Christmas, what a great present for all the little people in your life!


Newsletter update July 2015


Thanks for your continued interest and support

Points of thankfulness

  • Great solo tour of all 5 South Island Prisons for 14 Gospel outreach concerts in January 2015 by bus and plane over 1 week.
  • Solo tour by van to 7 Lower North Island prisons in April/May 2015 with 26 Gospel styled concerts most over 10 days.
  • 12 prisons down, only 6 to go, then lets do it all over again! 

Areas of interest

  • Now its July, I’m starting to book the next Prison tour during 1st week of NZ School holidays at end of September 2015 into Northland Region CF, Paremoremo, Mt Eden, Auckland Women’s CF, South Auckland CF, and Spring Hill CF. 
  • Kids albums recordings are underway and hope to be completed and to find their place in hearts of children in NZ and beyond by late 2015 / early 2016.
  • I am hoping for a new Nord Stage 2 EX 88 keyboard 
  • Hoping to book another lower NZ (11 prisons) tour for 3 weeks in January 2016. 



Going solo


I am now completely solo since May 2014, with NMB finished in 2013 and I have just retired from Fat Chance Band. My new development is getting familiar with a new Boss RC300 Looper pedal. With 5 gigs under my belt it is proving to be an interesting ride! Looking forward to the new season as a solo artist doing impromptu and rehearsed songs live and looped. Also I am fully into drums and playing them as much as possible, thanks to Mitch Walker who is an inspiring drummer & great teacher Watch this space!


Summer tour details


22 Gigs in 36 Days, this is what 5 weeks on the road in NZ looked like:

The Juicy Low down on tour with gigs at: 

5 pubs

2 RSAs

4 Holiday parks

5 Churches

4 gigs in 1 Prison, 1 dementia unit and an adult daycare gig

Hope you enjoyed the tour update, thanks for the interest, support, encouragement, prayers, thoughts and love. Nicky.


Everlasting & The Way album release Summer tour update



Launching of double album Everlasting The Way in November 2013

The tour was amazing 22 Dec 13 - 26 Jan 14

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: 5 Pubs, 2 RSAs, 5 churches, 4 holiday parks, 4 prison shows, Dementia care gig, Adult daycare entertainer.

Back home and 2014 PLANS

Commissioning on 16 March in Hamilton South

Duo Album with Terese Marr

Working alongside speaker Sarah Chamberlin

recording my long awaited kids album

Fat Chance Band classic rock band for hire

Nicky's a drummer now too

New Looper pedal

Looking to get inear monitors (Sennheisers look nice)

More inspired songs

Thanks for your support and feedback, keep it coming.





Moving into new songs!


Changes in the band and 2 new albums rolling out 2013 and 2014.


Nicky Moran and Band prepare for Voice for Life contest etc


NMB are gearing up for the national Voice for Life comp finals on 3rd Dec at GCC in Auckland. 

We are rehearsing for this and updating out songlists for Fat Chance Band's Classic rock cover songs, presently working on My Sherona and others for a wedding function just before Christmas.

We are all looking forward to the summer break and will be resting over summer and then gearing up for next year's gigs:

Nicky is worship leading for 3 days at Aglow NZ's Summit in Wellington.

Fat Chance is playing Hamilton Workingman's club in early March

Nicky is taking nationwide bookings and will consider international bookings for JOY the album release tour.